Ebay Waterproof Eyeliner gel in Black - Review, Swatch

Hey people..
This was one such a review that has been pending since too long. I bought this gel eye liner a while ago just for the sake of practising. I don't know how to use a liquid eye liner so I had to buy this so that I can practise with this and buy a good one later on. If you are interested in what all I did with my liquid eye liner, do check this post: My experiments with liquid eye liner
Coming back, lets read about the cheapest gel eye liner available online.
What does the product claim?
Specially designed tip of the eyeliner glides on smoothly for the most precise control.
The eyeliner lines and defines with smooth, even colour that looks fresh all day
To enhance the shape and colour of your eyes by using eyeliner.
Easy to colour, waterproof, long lasting, your eyes will looks larger and nicer.
Easy to precise, perfect decoration and long lasting.
Come with a box, easy to carry and store.
Price and quantity:0.18oz/5g and the price varies from $0.95 to $1.25.
The product comes in a super cute transparent plastic tub with a black plastic cap. the package is travel friendly. It is sturdy and the only reason i carry it around even when I know I don't use the product is because it is too cute to be ignored.
The package contains a tub of gel eye liner and a small applicator brush.

The brush has been a bit damaged during the transit. It has become totally useless. The bristles are not in proper shape and you can hardly draw a proper neat line. forget about the thin lines.
My experience with the product:
Well, where can I start from. I have enough failed trials in the past on why I don't use the liquid eye liner. But I had little hope when I got to know about the gel eye liner which are known to be little less complicated to apply.I bought this for my hands-on experience :D
Firstly, I looved this cute little jar which makes me use it at least once a week :P This has thick creamy consistency which makes it easier to apply.the shade is jettblack which I know a big turn on for any woman.
Next comes the applicator brush,which is simply a waste. I have used the normal eye liner brush to use this.
The too creamy formula makes it look wet and glossy even after it gets dried up.
Bad thing is that it takes pretty long time to dry.
It stays on without creasing for 5hours when you use loads of talc before applying it. Dust your lid and then use it.
The Swatch:
Super cheap to get hands-on with the gel eye liner.
Gives glossy finish.
The shade jet black is a turnon.
Easily available on ebay.com
Takes too long to dry.
The brush is useless.
Since it is cheap, I can not comment on the ingredients used.
Final words:
I don't say you must buy it, but I thought I would practise using a cheap gel liner than spending money on something that I can't master. I liked it for the above mentioned cons and you may love it if you are a pro and still want to practise looks and not wear the liner on daily basis, you can give it a try.


  1. Hey Appu this is the same one I had bought from BIC. It failed to impress me because it just won't dry and smudge to the first touch. It's great patience you have found a way around to use it and still practising with it :) Mine is just lying waste.

    1. Gagan..
      This is also not so good.. but for the beginners it is okay kind to get a good handson.

  2. i think u should def try the maybelline gel liner, its worth it !! even the revlon gel liner is great for beginners but a little expensive ! i love the maybelline one :)

    1. I would love to try out maybelline gel liner.. but i cant draw thin lines. thats bought this for practise :)

  3. Wow sounds great Apoo nice Review BTW did u get this from BIC?

    1. hey radha.. this was from ebay. I guess you get the similar ones from BIC too. Not sure though :)

  4. Nice review and the product is enough for trying it out.

    1. yeah.. thats the only reason why i got this sudhaa :)

  5. Very nice review Appu. It seems good for occasional use :)

    1. yeah charu..its for occasional use..and I suggest that it can be used for beginners for practise.

  6. I always prefer gel liner. This looks like Maybelline eye studio :)

    Bong's Belleza

    1. this looks like one. but i dont think it would even be close to it. :)

  7. It sounds great for beginners :) Nice review

  8. nice blog :). the product looks nice but m a bit apprehensice as it has no ingredients mentioned.
    my blog http://makeupandworld.blogspot.in/

    1. yeah.. thats the same thing. I just used it on my eye lid and not on the waterline.

  9. awwww... its so cute!!!
    best for beginners



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