Contest Entry 37 by Lee

Hey pretties..
here is the last entry of my first ever contest..
Let me take the pleasure/honour of presenting you my last entry from Lee..
Her Entry no. is going to be I2
She chose the themeValentine's Day
She gave the name to the look as Love Hearts
Check out what she sent me..
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Products Used:
Nyx Eyeshadow Base
Buyincoins 120 Palette
Sleek Acid I Divine Palette
My Say:
I am speechless..
I know you are very good at eye makeup. But this particular piece of work clearly shows how talented you are.
Lishuu, you did a fabulous job. Love you and your entry too. Perfect for the name and the look.!
Thanks a million for sending in your entry.
All the very best.!


  1. WOW .....looks so bright :-)
    Great work Lee !!

  2. wow.. this is just fab.! such a pro.. *faints after typing*

    1. awwww *catches u in my arms* lol ure so cute..thankssss! <3

  3. Awww apoo thank u so so so sooo sooo happy u liked it <3

  4. awesome job Lee.. u do fab eye makeups gal.. :)


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