Falling in Love is Easy.. But.. :o)) Episode-3

Hey People.. Here is the 3rd part of the story :) :) Hope you like it..

SHE reached her home..Eagerly waiting to see her parents…SHE ran and hugged her MOM..Gave a kiss to her PAPA..
Early sunrise…. Chirping birds on the branches .. in front of her balcony…
Mom and dad along with her… sipping the hot coffee..it’s her favorite time… but not now..Her mind is preoccupied with lot many thoughts….She is nervous…SHE cant hold the tension anymore..
SHE: Nice coffee mom..  
MOM: How r u doing darling..
SHE: Fine…
MOM: :  Last Friday, we got a match for you  from my relatives..That guy is a nice person..I saw him already…very handsome..u will like him..They saw u in a marriage..they liked u so much..They called 5-6 times in these 3 days..
( This silence follows that poor girl everywhere..!)

Falling in Love is Easy.. But.. :o)) Episode-2

Hey People..
Its time for the next part of the true love story :)
Do let me know, how many of you wanted the next episodes.. I know most of you like it :)
SHE finally broke the long silence…..) 
SHE: I know..im wasting ur valuable time..but yeah..i have the right to..Now listen.. im going to ask u few questions..please b very true in ur answers..might last for few min only..please spare me..nd be very true
SHE: please keep me aside..other than me..R u loving someone..?
(SHE wanted him to say NO..but…)
HE: Yeah..
SHE: May I know Whose that lucky girl..
(SHE is not crying..SHE knew he is lying..SHE know him totally..SHE knows his everything..)
HE: Listen..I donn have soo much time to think of someone …in my life..So please stop this discussion now itself..
SHE: Shut up..Now say..Do u like me..?
HE: More than anyone else..(oops..what did I say..??)
SHE: Now what’s the problem in marrying me??

Falling in Love is Easy.. But.. :o) Episode-1

Hey People..
This post is dedicated to all the readers out there.
This story is not mine but yet,
it interested me so much that I really wanted to share
Do let me know your opininions in the comment section below :)
Episode 1  :  

        Have lot of work to do..But still im not able to..completely loosing myself in thoughts every now and then..Ab mein kya karun..Someone Help me please..
      OMG…Not able to attend the classes..not able to concentrate a bit..y is it so..Someone Help me please..
A month back…
Tring …Tring..
HE:  Hello..
SHE: Hai..It’s me..How r u doing?
HE: Yeah..Good..
SHE: Y dont u ever ask me in return..How r u?
HE: Coz..u r sounding fine..i don have time to take care of every single person on the earth..do u understand..??? 

Tips on How to Make Your Nails Look Beautiful

Guest Post by Emily
Hey people..
Nails do add charm and beauty to a woman. You must take care of your nails not only for beauty purpose but also to maintain healthy hygiene. As the famous saying suggests that one can judge the personality of a man by his fingers at the same way woman’s fingers denotes her inner self. So all you ladies out there pamper your nails and give them that healthy shine which is every girl’s envy. Here are a few tips to help you to make your nails look beautiful.

Love Parcel From London,UK (Drool Worthy !!!)

Hey people..!!!
I am extremely excited and overwhelmed while writing this post!
I am still jumping with joy.
Okey,lets get into the matter,
I know most of you are pretty familiar with Preethi of Pink N Purple blog.!
Me and Preethi have been talking to each other for a while. We never knew when we got so close as friends. One day, she simply called me up and asked me what I wanted from UK. I was speechless for sometime and then got back to my senses and asked for some MUA stuff.
She said me that one of her friends is coming back to India and that's she wanted to send me some goodies through him.
And she sent me this huge box which on opening gave me a mild heart attack lol.
Well, I am utterly surprised to see the box.
Preethiiiii... thank u sooo much..!!! Love you :* :*
Here comes the goodie box..
It was a sturdy box she put the entire stuff in it. I loved her concern towards the goodies. They didn't damage at all :D
On opening I could see,

Bonjour Paris Waterproof EyePencil Review,Swatches,EOTD

Hey Pretties,
Hows your weekend ?
I am here with a review of an eye pencil from Bonjour Paris.

Biotique Bio Chlorophyll Anti Acne Gel & Post Hair Removal Soother Review

Guest post by Haani
Hey people..
I am back. I am here with a product review.
I was searching for an anti acne product, that’s when I came across this product Biotique Bio Chlorophyll Anti Acne Gel & Post Hair Removal Soother.
I heard from few of my friends that Biotique products are quite good, I just wanted to give a try and so ended up in buying this product.

Street Wear FX Eye Shadow in Bombshell Swatch and Review

Hey People.. Recently I have developed interest towards eye makeup and I am slowly stocking up the eye shadows. I have bought this cute little eye shadow last month. Let see how far it impressed me.

Votre Refining Toner Review

Hey people.. 
In this post, I am going to review Votre Refining Toner.

Lotus Herbals Apriscrub Fresh Apricot Scrub Review

Guest Post by Lakshmi Ramya
Hello everyone. Here I come again, with a review on Lotus Herbals Apricot scrub.
What does it say?
As your hair and nails grow, your skin also grows. Upper skin cells become dead and new cells are developed underneath. It is necessary to remove these dead cells to reveal the younger, radiant skin from underneath. Lotus Herbals Apriscrub is the perfect scrub to scrub away these dead cells gently without rupturing skin.  A young radiant skin is what you get after using this scrub.

How to choose jeans for different body types.!

Hey Girls...
A well fitted dress will always flatter your personality and boosts up the self confidence. Jeans is one of the easiest to wear and carry off.
Many girls out there are confused about what kind of jeans is right for their body type.So this article is just for them who would love to show off themselves in a right pair of Jeans. First of all,

Let us know what all the different body types.
1. Tall
2. Hour Glass
3. Pear Shaped
4. Apple Shaped
5. Short

1. For Tall Girls:

My Entry for IBC's Swatch Fest

Hey people..
I have participated in IBC's Swatch It - Win It Contest.
Here is my entry:

I love matte shades and they occupy most of my vanity. Here are the swatches of my current favorite lipsticks.
I have put two pics of the swatches in natural light and in flash light.I have MAC NC 44.5 skin tone.

You can see my entry here
How are these?
Hope you liked them..
Please do leave your valuable comments below :)

If you too want to win some amazing MAC lipstick,eyeshadows and OPI nailpolish,be sure to participate in the 'IBC Swatch it-Win It contest'
Hurry Contest closes soon!

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Pretty Please:Review,Swatch and LOTD

My Guest post on Endless Panache
Holla Ladies, 
This is my first post to the Endless Panache and im already excited. Today, I am going to review a very favorite lipstick of mine from Colorbar. 
It is Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Pretty Please.

10 COLORBAR Velvette Matte Lipsticks Swatches

Hey People...!!!!!!
First of all,
☆☆☆☆☆Wish you guys a Very Happy Diwali☆☆☆☆☆
I Wish all your dreams come true..!!
On this special day, I don't want to bore you by writing so much to read.
So, let the pictures do the talking.
These days,
I am being obsessed about these Colorbar Velvette  Matte Lipsticks.
Cost: 250 INR
And I am buying too many of them.
So here are the swatches of few lipsticks I have particularly chosen to Swatch.
First Picks.
  1. High Tea
  2. Bronx
  3. Pure Innocence
  4. Creme Cup
Here are the Swatches:

Revayur Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm in Cherry Review and Swatch

Hey pretty people..
Winter is already here.
and I know we all loooove lip balms.
How can we leave a tinted lip balm which is paraben free?
I am here with a review of an organic tinted lip balm.
Revayur Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm in Cherry 

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eye Shadow in Pomegranate Punk review and Swatch

Hey all..
I am here with an eye shadow review which I won from Dhara of The Happi Therapy blog's Giveaway.
I was selected as a second winner which means I can have Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo of my choice. I chose Pomegranate Punk which seemed likely to match my dusky skin tone.
here I present you the 
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eye Shadow in Pomegranate Punk
This is the newest collection launched in India by Maybelline. Its already creating rage in the blogging world.
As everyone else I was craving for one and luckily I was given one by Dhara. Thank you so much Dhara. Love you.
What the company website says about it:
Dare to wear 24HR shadow.
Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation  
Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant
Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
Price: 350INR for 4gms

Winner of my Mini Giveaway !!!

Hey Girls..
I am glad to announce the winner.. Finally...

I had this mini give away running on ❤☆ I Diva ☆❤
I am so happy seeing soo many entries.. there were 928+ entries in my mini giveaway.
Choosing the winners is always a difficult task.
But Thanks to Random.org and Rafflecopter for making my job so easy and at the same time, it was a bit embarassing.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
My first winner was Melanie.. But couldnt chose her because my giveaway was open to only Indian Residents.
And the Second Winner was Preethi.. And she lives in UK. So, I had to chose the final 3rd Winner.
And the
Winner is Dolon. Congrats D..

Visiting Dentist for the first time..?

Hey people...
How many of you visited a dentist?
How many of you have a habit of getting regular dental checkups?
How many of you suffering from any kind of dental/oral problems?

Dieting For The First Time..!

Hey People..
I have written a guest post for For The First Timer.(Do check this site,I'm sure you won't be disappointed.)

About the Website:
This is a site where you can find answers to almost all the questions as a first timer.
They have a Catchy Caption which says
" Guiding you for the first beginning..!"
Which is indeed tells you what to expect from them.

Coming to my guest post.. Here it is..

Dieting for the first time !

Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation Review and Swatch

Guest post by Ramya
Hi Everyone!
Here comes a review on my HG Foundation – Presenting 
The Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation”
What it says?
It is a skin tone adapting make-up. Particles adapt to your individual skin tones to provide look that’s perfectly beautiful and perfectly you. Beautifully even outs skin tone and blends away imperfections. Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation adapts to your individual skin tones to provide a flawless finish that is perfect for you. Your skin isn’t the same colour all over so why use a foundation that is?
Price and Quantity: Rs. 575 for 34ml