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Heya Girlss.....
Am back again....As I have said in my previous post this time am with something different. I mean, I think many of you are unaware of this brand. But believe me, its miraculous!
                                    It is ALOE EVER-SHIELD Deodorant Stick.
It is undoubtedly an amazing product. Let me explain you clearly, what’s so marvellous in this!
May be many haven’t heard about this brand ‘FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS’. Let me tell you!
Who are they?
Founded in 1978 on little more than dreams and hard work, Forever Living is now a multi-billion dollar company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that manufactures and sells dozens of wellness and beauty products. Forever Living Products has combined all the benefits of Aloe Vera gel with the finest quality ingredients to offer you a range of natural personal care products that are second to none. Their website is

How did I come to know?
Two years back, when my grand-father was suffering from severe pain in his knees, I was with him where we had visited many doctors, but couldn’t get a perfect treatment for it. As we are always against harsh treatments with many drugs etc, we were informed about this ‘FLP(Forever living products)’. So, we gave it a try! After using those for one long year, my grandpa has become completely alright! No need of any doctor’ not only for this issue, but for anything. It was then, by chance I have visited the big store of FLP. I was watching everywhere people taking those products, including cosmetic ones, saying those are CHEMICAL-FREE! So, I have taken few products after listening to the claims of those at the store!
What does it say? Aloe Ever shield Deodorant stick contains no harsh aluminium salts and provides effective protective against underarm odour. Aloe Ever shield glides on smoothly and will not stain the clothes.

What does it have?
Aloe Barbadensis is nothing but aloe leaf; and here the stabilized gel(which comes from inner part of the plant) is used. As we all know, it is a gift of the nature which can do miracle to our skin. Propylene glycol is an organic alcohol made from the fermentation of yeast and carbohydrates, and acts as a preservative here. Sodium stearate acts as a lubricant and for thickening a product. Triclosan is an antibacterial agent which is the key ingredient in this. It is known as a cleaning agent.
Price and Quantity: Rs. 250 for 92gms. It lasts for 6 months with regular use.

What to do? Apply to underarms every day for a fresh and clean feeling all day long.
Texture: Smooth to glide.
About the product In fact, the only job of a deo stick would be to keep away the body odour all day long and to live up the freshness. So, when it does that job successfully, it ought to be a promising piece! Few deos promise to be sweat resistant, but I haven’t come across a real one till date.
I thanked myself, atleast may be for 5 times or more till now, for getting this!
Why? I will tell you clearly.
What I was told at the store was that, this deo stick would keep away the body odour for a long time. That it is NOT sweat resistant, but stops that sweat odour which most of them are irritated of. And they said, that the underarm darkening would be reduced. Yes! They told me that! I have just had an immediate eye on the product but couldn’t find the product to be claiming anywhere on it. But I dint know why, I wanted to try it. I knew it dint claim, but was having hope to see the results.
May be I thought, why not give a try. I really don’t know what made me choose this.
Day 1: Dint use it.
Day 2: Dint use it...
Day 3: Thought of using it from tomorrow.
Day 4: Hmm....forgot.......
Day 20: It was a Sunday. As soon as I came out from my bath, applied it.
Day 25: Got used to apply it, just because I could see it beside my comb on my dressing table. So, when I begin getting ready, before I comb I used to see it, apply it and continue with others. Else would have forgotten again and again.
Day 50: Felt the magic of this product. Went for shopping many outdoor shopping...sweat many times. Never did I feel any uncomfortable odour. Never Ever. Though we use perfumes, sometimes, they don’t last longer. But deos do. This was one! Never did it leave a chance for me to complain. I dint notice it. Actually wasn’t conscious about it, till one day when I knew I was sweating a lot due to heavy shopping in sun, where I was in search of pots. I came back home after 7 hours, sweating! Imagine how bad my day was. Very tired. It was then, I have noticed this. From then I started having conscious on it, to check what it is doing. Trust me, its the most promising product I have ever seen.
Day 60: I could see that my skin in that area is getting a bit drier.
Day 65: I could see that the upper layer of my skin is coming off. I was scared, but could remember those words I was told, at the store. They said that, the upper layer would be wiped off slowly, thus wiping away the dark skin. Initially I was scared, that this might be some side effect or something. But could understand that its working. Left it to its job. Never worried again.
Day 90: Three full months! No more dark skin in that area. Trust me! NO MORE DARKNESS. Could something give me such remarkable result! Never could I believe.
The triclosan in this product, removes the dark skin. It removes the upper layer of the skin. Dont get scared. One layer of skin would be really and really negligible to measure its thickness. It wouldn’t be that much, as you are imaging right now.
            You can observe skin getting of there. But remember! If you use a razor or something of that sort, then darkness would be your shadow always. I generally go for waxing. Even using a good removal cream would befit!
May be by now, you must have understood how much I love this. It wouldn’t give you any pain. Just believe it, be patient, give it sometime, use regularly and a lovely FLAWLESS skin, in the underarm area would be yours!
Fragrance: It has no fragrance at all. Its neutral!
What it does?
  • Keeps away the body odour all day long, for almost 12 hours.
  • Removes darkness.
What it doesn’t?
  • It’s just a deo stick. Nothing much expected to get disappointed. May be the only product I have known, which even does things which it doesn’t claim to.
  • Chemical – free
  • Moisturizes and leave the freshness for long hours
  • Doesn’t make me feel heavy.
  • Affordable.
It is available only through FLP agents (In India we can get them only through FLP Agents. Now, my FLP agent has become a very good friend of mine! If anyone wishes to try this or any other products from this brand, let me know, I will give you his number)
Overall Rating: 5/5
Verdict: For those who have dark skin in the underarm area, don’t miss it. For those who don’t have such darkening problem, don’t miss it. All I want to say it DONT MISS IT. You can take any reason you want, to buy this. But DONT DONT DONT MISS IT girls!
Keep smiling J J
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Lakshmi Ramya
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Love all those bloggers, 
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My Say:
Heyy.. that's a Fadoo Review..!!
Not even a single point was missing. And guess what? I use this brand's products too. And I absolutely love them. I usually take the food supplements from this brand.I will be trying this real soon.Got to get rid of my little dark underarms..

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  1. my dad would love this post since he is a big fan of forever living products! :D. I think I will give this one a try even though I have no dark underarms but the promise of not making me stink in the end of the day sounds really good ^_^.

    1. My whole family is a huge fan of these products.. im gonna buy this product now :) :D

  2. Definitely do try girls...we rarely do get things which satisfies us for the purpose we have bought them down.... :-) worth making it a part of your routine...

    1. Im sure getting mine soon.. my mom is a member:D so not a big deal :D

  3. Really nice review Ramya...... :)
    Seems like an awesome product....might try it out sumtym....

  4. Nice Review Ramya....Sounds good...will try this sure...

  5. hey rams..nice review dear..appu and ramya join my give away..

  6. Very nice and detailed review.:)

  7. hi...i m new to the blog..just wantede to knw whr can i buy it from...i live in delhi

    1. Check for the agents who would work for this forever living products :)
      Else I will have to buy here and send it across to u :)


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