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I'm back to form with reviews. This post is the first review of my latest HAUL POST
As part of that I am going to review a Conditioner. This is from 

My feeling on the first look:
You might have read my reviews on the shampoo from the same range. If not, Read it HERE 
So, obviously the expectation levels are high
Read till the end to know whether It made me happy or regret.

What Does it claim?
 TRESemme is dedicated to creating cutting edge salon innovation hair care* and styling products without the salon price tag. The salon inspired products enriched with high quality ingredients help you experience that salon feeling everyday.
*Now Especially Formulated for Indian Hair.
Helps reinforce your hair strength and prevents hair fall due to breakage. For longer and stronger hair.
Price: 64 INR for 100ml 
The product comes in a sturdy White container with a flip cap. The letters PRESS is written on the cap in order to get the product out of it through a small nozzle.
My Experience:
First of all, I loved the package.I couldn't wait to smell it(I have a thing for smell ).
So, I used the shampoo and then applied this conditioner. I took some peanut sized amount on to palms and applied it to my wet hair. Along the length of my hair(skipping roots/scalp)
I waited for 2-3mins and then rinsed it off.

  • Surprise no.1 : When you are applying to the already shampooed hair, you don't see any hair coming on to your palms(I had hair coming out with my previous conditioners 
  • Surprise no.2: Even after the 3mins, when you wash off the product, you will disappointed. As there is no hairfall then also. LOL . Surprised? 
I was staring at my palms for 30 more seconds with my eyes popped open just to check whether there is any hair stuck with my finger rings or so.
I was totally surprised.Happy though.
It gives enough shine and bounce. It makes your hair silky. I already have silky smooth hair so mine became super silky 
Each time I shampoo, I end up having silky strong smooth hair.
Till now, I used it six times and results were increasing on the positive side.
Totally happy with the product.
  • A great conditioner to condition your hair without damaging 
  • Hair wouldn't be staying flat after using this.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Make your hair SHINE, Soft, Smooth 
  • Pea sized amount is enough to cover up the hair.
  • Affordable.
  • Many other variants available for dry hair, colored hair etc
  • List of chemicals, nah..leave it! It gives you healthy hair. So, I don't bother about them.
  • It will make you smile, whenever you touch your hair after using this conditioner.
Will I recommend?
Rushh!!! Go Get One 

**Even you suffer with hairfall? or have an oily scalp?

Do share tips with me along with your blog link. Will be glad to incorporate your tips.


  1. I am soo buying this.. now a hair is falling a lot.. mebbe nazar laggayi :P

    this sounds so promising.. n btw i am invited for the tresemme hair event happening here in Mumbai by the brand. So will be going shortly in oct :)

    1. That's so awesome.. lucky u Rics..
      And do try out this(I guess they gonna give u samples)
      Nazar tho lagti hai..after all, u have such lustrous hair to envy...
      Loved your comments. Thank u.

  2. great detailed review apoo!!! loved it!! im using theie silk & smooth shampoo & conditiner currently n absolutely loving it!!!! they smell so yummy :D

    1. LOL same pinch. I don't know y..but I love/hate product just by the smell.LOL.
      These series have mild smell and so nice to the nose.
      Work well too :)
      Thanks for the comments sweets

  3. nice blog and a nice review. i am your new follower :)

  4. me too sufferring from hairfall alot :(
    seems to be a nice product will try this soon :)
    thnx appu for the review <3

  5. Hey dear....nice review once again :-)

  6. I am excited that Tressme is here in India. My sister had got me a few products when she was living in the UK and believe me whatever they claim, all turns out to be true!!
    Thanks for the review dear!

  7. hey appu..nice review..check out my international give away..

  8. Thanks preethi.. :):) will check that out :)

  9. Do try out amee.. Its a nice product :)

  10. Thanks a tonn.. Im following you back :):)

  11. yup.. I love the smell.. I might stop using the product if I dont find the smell

  12. Thanks Yaar Rics.. Nazar tho lagthi hai..After all you have lustrous hair that every girl envy :D
    And you tho lucky :) get all the free samples available and tell them that "Its a great product" as my word to them :D

  13. nice review..wud love to try it..where did you get this it available online...

  14. yeah.. Jasmine.. U can check the haul post link I have provided in the post.

  15. COz of so many good reviews about this product I got one for myself too but sadly it didn't work out for me :(


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