Parachute Scalp Therapie for HairFall Control Review

Guest post V by Iswarya Laxmi
Heyy girls
So here I am with my review on
I have tried a lot of measures to check hair fall. I tried all sorts of oils but had virtually no effect at all. My hair is of medium length. It's weak because of coloring, straightening, and falls out and breaks off. Parachute has the normal oil variety however the scalp therapie hair vitaliser that is a recent launch has been a super hit. Everything from the package to the results all seem to be great. . I have been using it for the past few months and find it good. 

Price and quantity:
INR 125 for 100ml
Packaging:  It comes in a sturdy bottle with flip cap top and is travel friendly. I didn't experience any leakage from the bottle.
Colour & consistency & fragrance: Parachute Therapie is light and not very greasy unlike coconut oil which is greasy and also has a strong smell. It has a pleasant smell.
My take on the product:
With parachute coconut oil the difference in hair fall is not very noticeable but once I started using Parachute Therapie for a few weeks the difference is evident.
It is worth a try. Regular coconut oil goes rancid with passage of time once the oil bottle is opened and we start using but this is not the case with Parachute Therapie and once massaged well into the hair; it gives a cool sensation and also gives a shine after it is washed.
How it works: Using this vitaliser oil did reduce hair fall like a miracle. Dry scalp went off and it did prevent hair breakage too. It also removed split ends and dryness up to an extent that one’s hair feels smoother than before. It eliminated dandruff too! Parachute Therapie lives up to its claims.
Very affordable as it is inexpensive.
Travel friendly packaging.
Worth buying as it is true to its claims.
Reduces Hair fall to a certain extent.
nourishing effect 
Easily available everywhere because it's parachute
I did not find any
My Rating: 5/5
Recommendation: I recommend this product to all girls with hair fall problems, just give it a try and it might do miracles for you.
Will I Repurchase?  Yes. I would say this product is a is very effective.
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  1. hmm nice review..and 5 out of 5 means worth a try!!

  2. thank you so much appu for posting my review :)

  3. Great review Iswarya........ :)
    I have a terrible hairfall problem.....will definitely try this out.... :)

  4. Nice Review Iswarya...
    Happy writing.... :)

  5. Amazing post!! :)

    p.s. I follow you now with google friend connect!! Hope you'll do the same!! I wait for you in my blog!! Kisses!!


  6. Great post here. Is this really proven and tested for treating hair loss? I used Reloxe and It worked for me. It really helped me to reverse my falling hair!


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