10 LESSONS Learnt from MY First Ever EYE MakeUp

Heyya girls..This post is a bit weird yet an interesting one(atleast I thought )
Coming to the point, Well.. As I already boosted up so much about my first ever eye makeup that too I sent for a contest. You can view it here 

In the process of making up my eyes, I learnt many lessons. Which I felt like sharing with you guys.
So, here goes the list.
  1. You may want to blend the eye shadows, Remember to dab the eye shadow with the applicator in the desired form and then slowly drag the corners to fade,so that you can add one more color to the eye.
  2. Apply some concealor/foundation to the eye lid, this would make the eye shadow to stick properly and make it last longer. 
  3. Apply the Kohl/ kajal first, If you want to tight line the eye. Coz I always like to have a tightline.
  4. Color eye shadow, Oh yeah! You apply it when you want to put some color to your eyelid. Just simple yet slow dabbing of the eye shadow will be sufficient.tumblr_lyq51jzrep1qbskxio1_400_large
  5. I found it weird when I applied the eyeshadow like this: " I took some eye shadow to the brush and applied at the starting of my eye and slowly dragged the same to the corner, which gave no color at all. lol."
  6. Apply the eye liner when you are done with the eye shadow. Use the liquid liner only if you are a pro. people like me, who can not draw a line, avoid liquid liner and go for the eye pencil.
  7. Remove the eye makeup with a cotton ball. I use olive oil or baby oil to clean the entire thing
  8. Avoid soap/facewash to clean, It hurts a lot.
  9. If you have glasses, make sure you wearing anti glare lenses to it. After all, you put so much effort and you don't want glasses to cover your beauty.
  10. If you wear lens, like me, Do wear them first. Start the makeup after that.
Here is the ideal eye makeup according to your Zodiac sign 
I hope these tips help the beginners like me, who want to learn to get hands-on this eye makeup.
Please do share your secret tips in comments, It will be really helpful


  1. hey great post appu! hope you become a pro at eye make up!

    1. Heyy shourima.. thank u so much.. working on it.. :-)

  2. Nice tips Appu dear :) :)
    And all d best at ur attempt to bcoming an eye makeup pro :)
    Hey use good brushes they make it so easy dear :)

    1. Yeah.. thank u so much vish.. I bought few brushes last week..n I would be trying with them again this weekend Haha

  3. Nice one Appu :)
    Really informative.

  4. Great post dear :)
    I wear lens too on daily basis :)

  5. Now thats a good post Appu :)
    U knw what?!!! I havn't used an eyeshadow ever lol

    1. LOL.. I used it once till now. that post i tagged here was the one :D

  6. Lovely post appu ! it will help me a lot to learn eye makeup.

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    1. Heyy.. Thanks Steve :) visiting your blog :)

  8. that is a detailed post apoorva...
    I am glad you shared you experience through it...
    you highlighted alot of important things...i specially liked the shape of the eye part...

  9. Aha interesting post apoo..loved the pics and the zodiac eyemakeup is spot on for my <3 pink & purple :D

    1. Heyy lee..thanks..
      Check out the chart for Aquarius.. it seems weird n difficult.
      And I'm an Aquarion :D
      What r u ?

  10. hehe im libran :) but i dont wear that color lol
    im a green wali

    1. lol.. Seriously.. it looks funny.. but any color suits you :)

  11. nice post appu...I love doing eye makeup all the time..but I don't know the proper manner of applying...haha..Now I learning from my lovable blogger friends regarding makeup....

    1. Thanks snigdha :):)
      Im glad I could give you some tips :)

  12. And the first experience you will remember forever...lol
    Two tips that I would like to share with you: my favorite cleanser is ReVive ( gentle and efficient) and...the right brush helps a lot on applying the make-up successfully! I wrote some tips about it - feel free to visit me @ http://marthawarestylist.wordpress.com/2012/11/24/make-up-brushes-natural-or-synthetic/
    Leave your comment too!


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